Saturday, May 10, 2014

I've Got Senioritis! {Where To From Here?}

Well, Ladies and Gentlemen,
it looks like I'm going to be graduating
from college again in a few weeks.
Yes, I said "again".
This time I will be graduating with my
Associates of Science in Health Administrative Services.
This is my THIRD college graduation.

And, let me just tell you, I'M OVER IT!
Since I graduated from high school
nearly nine years ago,
I've only had one or two sabbaticals off from college.
I am completely exhausted and

As if to prove this fact,
I only did the bare minimum on Monday night's homework assignment.
Probably not the greatest idea I've ever had,
but I simply did not have it in me
to go completely over the top like I usually do.
Luckily, I've received an "A" on every assignment up to this one,
so I think I can sit back and cruise awhile.

I've previously written several posts
about the ups and downs of my college career.
(You can find the first of those posts here.)
Honestly, I'm not sure where I went wrong,
but I obviously did somewhere along the line.
I think some of the problem was that
I wasn't adequately prepared in the beginning.
Switching from private, Christian High School to Secular Community College
gave me something akin to culture shock.
And then my graduation from that institution was delayed time and time again
due to several miscommunications that should've never occurred.
Then when I did FINALLY graduate
(although not with the degree I originally sought),
I decided to return to school yet again
(this time as an online only student)
to retain a different Associate's Degree.
I do not regret the work I put forth to obtain this last degree.
But I also have yet to see it benefit me or my career...
which is discouraging.
So that prompts the question:
Where to from here?

I know I began this post with a very bold statement
about being DONE with college.
But honestly, I don't know if this is my final graduation or not...
I am done for the time being...
But I may decide one day to go back
and try to get my Bachelor's or Master's Degree.
Or I may go back and try to get my Associates in Radiography Degree.
As you all know, I still love X-ray...
I would love to walk that career path someday.
(You can read more about this here.)
I just really don't know at this point.
I'm not really sure where I go from here.

For now, I'm going to take a rest.
Focus on getting a better job and paying off some student loan debt.
Seek the Lord and His Will for my life.
Place my future, my plans and my dreams into His very capable Hands
and just rest a while.
I will revisit plans of returning to school sometime in the future.
I'm a classic over-analyzer so this isn't the easiest thing for me to do,
however, I believe it's what needs to be done right at this moment.

How did you answer the "where to from here" question
in your college career?
Got any advice for me?

I'd love to hear your answers!

Thank you for reading!
I would appreciate your thoughts and prayers
concerning my school and job careers.
Please visit again soon!