Monday, May 5, 2014

A Little Birdy Craft with the Kiddos {I Believe I Can Fly}

Good Morning, Friends and Family!
I hope this finds you all doing well
on this bright, springy Monday morning!

I recently posted about my kiddos undying love for all things Frozen,
particularly the song, "Let It Go".
(You can find that post here.)
I am not joking when I say that I hear that song EVERY. DAY.
However, I would be lying if I said
that was the only song they sing on a regular basis.
Lately, they've been singing "I Believe I Can Fly" as well.

Now, when I was a kid/teenager,
this song was a hit because of Space Jam, the movie team up
of Looney Tunes Characters and NBA Star, Michael Jordan.

However, I'm pretty certain
that my kiddos don't even know what Space Jam is
let alone have seen it recently.
So where exactly they heard this song,
I have no idea.
But hearing them sing it,
definitely was a BLAST FROM THE PAST!

And, in addition to the lovely spring weather,
it inspired me to make a Little Birdy Craft with my kiddos.
I really wanted the kids to use their imaginations
and create unique, fun birds that would be exclusively theirs.
So I kept the directions I gave the children to a minimum.
I free-handed a simple bird shape on plain white paper and cut it out.
I then drew and colored in the bird's belly and eye.
Next I free-handed a birds wing and beak and colored them and cut them out.
I then glued them to the bird's body
(I glued the beak behind the bird's body...
it looked a bit strange when I tried it the other way).

I then cut a pipe cleaner in half and then folded it in half again
and glued it behind the bird's body to make the legs.

On one of my birds I included another step:
I cut feather shapes from printed scrapbook paper
and attached them to the bird's tail.

I think they turned out quite charming, don't you?

Now, I suppose I should warn you.
If you do try a craft like this with your children,
you may face something similar to the situation I was forced to endure.

One of my kindergarteners was having a difficult time
drawing the body of her bird.
I noticed she was having issues and showed her how I had drawn mine.
She asked if she could just use the one I had drawn.
I said, "No".
To which she responded by throwing herself in the floor,
kicking and screaming that she couldn't do the project.
Thus ensued a battle of wills.
She refused to do the project on her own
and also refused to use her words to ask me for help
instead simply pointing at the project and grunting.
I flat out told her that I would not help her
until she used her words to ask me.

After about an hour
(no, I'm not kidding),
she finally quieted down and asked for my help.
I drew another bird body with her sitting next to me
and then supervised her mimicking my drawing.
She did just fine and we were able to move onto the rest of the project.

I'm telling you all this to let you know:
kids are sometimes disinclined to try on their own.
They would rather have an adult do the project for them.
But, obviously, that's not how they learn.
Just try to be extra patient
and be sure to praise them A LOT when they accomplish,
what is to them, a very GREAT FETE!

Have a Great Week!