Friday, May 9, 2014

I Want To Sound Like HIM...{I Was Having an INTERESTING Hair Day...}

Good Evening, Dear Ones!
I'm just going to warn you,
this post has kind of a long introduction.
I guess I could've shortened it,
but I wanted to share my whole process of thought with you.

So the Starbucks lady was super sweet to me the other morning. 
As in like dripping honey sweet...
I'm pretty sure she felt sorry for me...because of my hair. 
Let's just say I was having an "interesting" hair day.
This hair issue was totally and completely my own fault,
but that really didn't make me feel much better about it at the time.

You see, when I went and visited my cousins
at ACTS Student Convention last week,
I took ALL of my hair things
(bobby pins, ponytail holders, combs, brushes, clips, etc) with me
knowing that most likely I was going to be fixing
at least one other head of hair besides my own
(that's just usually what happens in a room full of Pentecostal girls).

This turned out to be the correct notion
as I did end up fixing my cousin McKenzie's hair in addition to my own
(with a little help from Madi <3).
Then, I did something really dumb.
I failed to put my hair stuff back into my bag.
And so after church ended that evening,
when I was rushing around trying to get home at a decent hour,
I proceeded to leave Carlinville WITHOUT my hair things.

So when I say I was having an interesting hair day the following morning,
I didn't even have a comb or a brush!
Luckily I was able to find a single ponytail holder
and two bobby pins in my room
and was able to "fix" my hair using those.
Yeah..."fix"...I use that term VERY Loosely...

Knowing that my hair would probably be more manageable wet than dry,
I didn't use my blow dryer that morning,
which is extremely weird for me...
I usually blow dry my hair everyday.
That's when the thought came to me,
"The house is missing one of its sounds this morning."
(Yeah, I know that probably seems really random
in the midst of a hair crisis, but that's just how I think.)

That thought opened the door to a myriad of related thoughts
that I can summarize with one statement: 
I believe every house has its own unique set of sounds. 
Think about it. 
When you wake up in the morning what is the first sound you hear? 
Birds chirping...floors creaking...water running...front door dryer blasting...
Every house sounds like itself.
There are sounds you just associate with the house you reside in.
(Smells work the same way as well,
but that's not what this post is about...)

That's when the spiritual application of the thought hit me:
Just like every house sounds like itself,
every Christian should sound like Himself.
(You know Who I'm talking about...).
We all--Believers and Non-Believers alike--
were created in His likeness and His image, right?
Is it so much of a stretch to think that we might just sound like Him too?

I'm not really speaking of the sound of His voice
(none of us know what that sounds like anyway...),
I'm speaking more about HOW and WHAT He spoke.
In my imagination, His manner of speaking was firm, but gentle.
He raised His voice in Righteous Indignation only when necessary.
Otherwise, His manner remained open.
The words He spoke invited people to be completely honest
without threat of condemnation.

As Christians should our speech be any different?
Shouldn't the words we speak (as well as our actions)
offer hope of eternal salvation to those in need?
Should our tones be gentle and our words kind?
Isn't that what He was known for?
Should it be any different for us, His Children?

That's something to think about isn't it?
I'll be honest, my words and tone of voice
get me in trouble frequently.
The words I say and how I say them
are often too harsh.
There are times when I literally pray this prayer,
"Lord, please keep Your arm around my shoulders
and Your hand over my mouth."
But if I'm ever going to be the salt and light witness
that He has called me to be,
I'm going to have change how and what I speak.

Who would've thought that such a profound thought
could have originated from "interesting" hair day...:).

Thank you for reading!
Please visit again soon!