Tuesday, May 13, 2014

I Try Not To Make Every Post All About Me! {My Buddy Bear Is Getting Married!}

Good Afternoon, Everyone!
I hope this finds you all doing well.
In case you were wondering, I am doing particularly well today.
Definitely enjoying the break in the weather!
It has been so warm and humid the last few days
that today's cool, rainy weather today is like the proverbial calm after the storm
(considering it stormed last night,
I guess you could say that that pun was intended...).

I have a confession.
I'm going to admit that this blog is primarily about me.
I try not to make everything in my life about me,
but me and my well-being were my primary reasons for even starting this blog.
I needed a place to spill my guts
about things that were going on in my life
to keep me from bottling everything up
and blowing up later on down the road.
Now with that being said,
I also have and plan to continue using this blog
to highlight some very special people in my life.
People I'm pretty sure I would be dead in a ditch without.

I previously wrote a post about my "baby sister", Maranda
who "though she be but little, she is fierce".
And in another post, I talked about my wonderful friend, Tiffany,
and how her having her own blog inspired me to create mine.
In yet another post, I introduced you to my beloved cousins,
Steve and Amber who have opened their home to three GORGEOUS foster kids
that I have utterly and completely fallen in love with.
I have dedicated a few different posts to my cousin, Candace.
One discussing her great ability to love,
another sharing her heartbreak,
and yet another proclaiming her great God-given Strength
in light of that heartbreak.

We have talked about a LOT of special people in my life.
But have we ever talked about Kevin?
I don't think we have.

No, he's not my boyfriend...
he never has been and he never will be.
Although I did once make a very bold statement
saying that I would marry him if he would have me...
Not because I was necessarily in love with him,
but because I think he has awesome potential
and I would love to help him reach that potential in anyway that I can.
But that didn't seem to be in the cards for us
and we were both okay with that.

Kevin is currently one of the youth leaders at our church,

but I truly believe this is just a stepping stone to something far greater.
He has a real calling of God on his life
and I'm pretty sure he's going to be mightily used one of these days.

On a more personal level,
Kevin is and has been my Buddy Bear for nearly 10 years.
I'm sure you're wondering what the heck a "Buddy Bear" is...
well, if you're a Disney fanatic like I happen to be,
you will surely remember the classic character of Winnie the Pooh
and the associated movies, books, games, etc.
And how does Tigger refer to Pooh?
That's right...as "Buddy Bear".

But now, my Buddy Bear is getting married.
Am I okay with it?
Yes. I love his fiance, Hannah.
Honestly, (and I've told Kevin this)
I knew Hannah was "The One" the very first time I met her.
Am I ready for it?
Yes, it's been coming for a while
and I know it's time.

Does that mean I'm always ecstatic about it?
In a way, I feel like I'm losing my best friend.
Obviously things will be different once he marries Hannah.
Technically, things have already changed just since he's been dating her.
And, like I said, I'm not always ecstatic about it,
but I am completely at peace about it.
Truly, I don't think he could've found a better woman.
I believe them to literally be a match made in Heaven.
They are flat out adorable together.
Even their height difference is adorable.

But from a solely selfish angle I have to ask,
"What about me?
What am I going to do?
Who am I going to turn to when I need a friend?"
Kevin's always been there.
Even when I didn't realize he was.

About eight years ago,
I was seriously dating one of Kevin's older friends.
When that relationship ended,
my Ex (let's call him Alec) kind of "took back possession of HIS friends".
Kevin and I stayed friends,
but for several years we were definitely
NOT as close as we had previously been.
It wasn't until later--much later--
that I found out Kevin still had my back even then.

In February and March 2012,
our church underwent a HUGE remodel of the Sanctuary.
During that time, I spent a lot of my free time at the church
doing what I could to help out.
One particular night I was busy climbing up and down off of a chair
cleaning sawdust off the walls of the fellowship hall
in preparation for services the following weekend.
Kevin was also there, working in close proximity to me.
During the course of the evening we got to talking
and suddenly Kevin came right out and asked me,
"What happened to us?"
I wasn't sure I had heard him correctly,
so I asked, "What?"
He repeated himself, "We used to be Buddy Bears.
What happened to us?"

I was very honest in my response to his question,
"Well, you were friends with Alec first
and he kind of got you in the divorce."
Kevin laughed a little and then noticed how serious I was.
He asked, "Is that really how you felt about it?"
I answered in the affirmative
and told him how difficult it was losing my boyfriend
and my three closest friends all in the same break-up.
Kevin's answer was to wrap his arms around me
and tell me that he had never stopped praying for me
and that he still considered me one of his best friends.
Kevin and I re-established our "Buddy Bear-ness" that night.

To say that I was VERY touched by this would be an understatement.
But in spite of that, I was still a little un-trusting in the beginning.
Kevin was very sweet and had soon proven his friendship to me.
He was the very first person to text me "Happy Birthday"
on my special day later that same month.
He made a point of giving me a hug at church every Sunday.
During a Summer College & Career trip
right after one of horrible college experiences,
he acted like a complete doofus to make me laugh.
At the Saint Louis Zoo...Kevin is on the far right.
During that chaotic time,
Kevin tried his utmost to be sensitive to my emotions
and would flat out ask if a subject was too difficult for me to talk about.
He also went along on one of my photo shoots with my cousins.
He really didn't have a clue what he was doing there,
but we swiftly put him to work holding things
and tramping down paths through the wilderness.
This picture makes me smile every time I look at it!
I wish I had time to share every aspect of our Buddy Bear relationship with you,
but, frankly, you might get bored.
Little things that mean a lot to me,
might not mean anything to you.
So instead I shall end this post with just a few random facts about Kevin:

1. His first job was as a skate guard at a roller rink
(and let me just say, the dude CAN SKATE!!!!)
2. He loves coffee ALMOST as much as I do.
3. He is a twin.
4. He once licked my car window
(long story...).
5. He always carries Ice Breakers with him.
6. He is the proud owner of bicycle onto which he built a motor
(yep, he's a Redneck).
7. He is a great woodworker.
8. He is afraid to hold babies but pretends that he isn't
(I helped him out and gave him "Baby Lessons").

9. He likes to come up with nicknames for people
(he and Hannah call each other Superman and Lois Lane...
not kidding...)
10. He is totally and completely, 100% sold out to God
and is not intimidated or afraid to worship Him with abandon.

Kevin and Hannah,

I wish you the best in your life together.
I truly believe that God brought you two together
for a mighty and specific purpose.
I love you both with all my heart!