Friday, May 2, 2014

People's Instagram Usernames Scare Me {Seriously...}

So, my friend, Jessica and I kind of have this running joke.
Anytime we post a photo to Instagram,
we wait with practically baited breath to see 
the weird usernames of the people who like our photos.
(Okay, so I do this more than she does,
but she gets a chuckle out of it too...).

I understand that it can be somewhat difficult 
to find a username that is not already taken,
but is it really necessary to run multiple random words together like:
Or scoopyloopysnoopyboy?
Or funfriedfunionsforfred?
(To my knowledge, these are not real IG Usernames,
I just made them up,
but knowing how weird some of the names get,
I suppose they very well could be real usernames...
and I have seen IG usernames that are similar to these.)

How about the ones that are FULL of underscores?
Again, I get that it might be difficult to find a username that isn't taken,
but is that really necessary?
It just kind of annoys me.
I know, I know...nobody cares.

Then there are the IG usernames that are flat out unsafe!
There are people who actually put their full name
and birthday in their username.
ARE. THEY. CRAZY!?!?!?!?
There are warped, creepy people in this world
that are looking to get their hands on people's information.
Identity theft is a real threat.

I don't mean to get preachy here,
but when I say that people's IG usernames scare me,
I'm being serious!
I haven't even started on the completely, ridiculously inappropriate ones
(and I don't plan on going there.)
You know the ones I mean!
I truly do not understand humans sometimes!

Have you ever laughed out loud
while reading the username of someone who like one of your photos?
Or did you stare at your phone in horror
because you simply couldn't believe
someone would actually make THAT their username?

I'd love to hear your stories!

Please visit again soon!